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Mindfulness for stress reduction

Mindfulness is being aware in the moment of your environment, thoughts, feelings, and sensations. When you practice mindfulness you start to notice the small details in your environment. Maybe you take your dog for a walk each day and when you are being mindful you notice a birds nest in a tree. You probably walked by the birds nest numerous times without noticing because you were on autopilot; having the same familiar routine when walking your dog. Being mindful of your surroundings means you are paying attention to what is happening in the moment.

Some of the benefits of practicing mindfulness include:

  1. Reduces stress - helps to slow your mind down and bring you a sense of calmness. Neuroscience has found that mindfulness changes the structure in your brain. There was a study conducted in the journal Health Psychology which showed there was a decrease in the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, when there was the practice of mindfulness.

  2. Increases emotional regulation and self-control - when people become emotional, this can have an impact on our ability to behave rationally. If you learn mindfulness techniques like breathing, taking a walk and taking a mental break by being silent; you will be able to regulate your emotions and take control of your actions.

  3. Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression - techniques like yoga, breathing and stretching can help change negative thought patterns which contribute to anxiety and depression.

Are you ready to start practicing mindfulness? Click on the video below to experience a guided meditation. To continue practicing mindfulness join the 30 day mindfulness challenge, by clicking join the challenge.

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