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Tell Your Story, Find Healing

Trauma focused cognitive behavioral (TF-CBT) therapy is an evidence based treatment approach used to help people decrease symptoms associated with a traumatic experience. The treatment is a short-term approach and is generally conducted within 16 sessions. During these sessions the therapist provides the client with tools to help them work through the traumatic experience and the stress, anxiety and depression that results from trying to manage emotions.

Who Can Benefit from TF-CBT?

This therapy is helpful for people who are struggling with behavior patterns and emotional reactivity from sexual, physical, verbal abuse or other trauma. The treatment will help with identifying distorted thought patterns that can lead to anxiety and depression.

What Happens during the Sessions?

  • Psychoeducation to learn about posttraumatic stress

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Affect Regulation to help with emotional reactivity

  • Cognitive Processing of the traumatic experience

  • Trauma Narrative to tell your story and find healing

  • Identify Distorted Thoughts and re-frame them into healthier thought patterns

  • Create a Plan for development of using new thought patterns and tools for trauma recovery

How to go about Finding Help

When deciding who to work with, look for a therapist who is an experienced trauma specialist. Choosing the right therapist, one who you feel safe with, respected and understood, is extremely important when working through your trauma. Therapist who practice trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy have received extensive training and are prepared to help you tell your story and find healing.

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