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Be Calm in the Moment

Feeling overwhelmed in the face of uncertainty? Want to learn how to find your calm in the moment?

Grounding exercises can help you quiet your mind when you are having negative thoughts, that lead to strong emotion, and stressful behavior.

The exercise I’m going to teach you today will help you distract your negative thoughts, focus in the moment, and calm your mind and body.

Instructions for grounding exercise:

1. Find an object to focus on wherever you are at right now.

2. Focus on that object for 60-90 minutes in silence (look at the shape, color, features of the object)

3. At the end of the 60-90 minutes, take a deep breathe in and out, now scan your body for how you are feeling

My hope for you is that you found some calm and will carry this with you throughout your day.

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