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Self-defeating thoughts or cognitive distortions, are often times a symptom of developmental trauma. This thought process happens through experiences in early childhood. It can be caused by experiencing verbal abuse, neglect or physical abuse as a child. These experiences can impact us as adults, and the good news is, when we become aware of how the trauma has impacted us, we can focus on reframing self-defeating thoughts into positive thoughts about self.


This program will focus on how your self-defeating thoughts impact your everyday life and practice skills to help you change those thoughts. We will do this by creating a safe space for you to process old thought patterns that don’t work for you anymore, and blossom into a person who finds joy and purpose in life. 

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Self-Defeating thoughts to Change

"I don't deserve love."

"I am a bad person."

"I am not smart enough."

"I can't trust myself."

"I can not protect myself."

"It's not okay to show my emotions."

"I am weak."

"I have to please everyone."

"I have poor judgement."

Learn how to change these thoughts!

It's time to stop believing your self-defeating thoughts and feel better about yourself!

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8 online group education live videos through zoom each Sunday from 2:30-4pm starting January 9, 2022.

January 9, 2022: Causes of self-defeating thoughts / Forms of abuse / Brain activity when living with trauma

January 16, 2022: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Overview / Thoughts - Feeling - Behavior / Demo to work through self-defeating thoughts

January 23, 2022: What is Mindfulness / Mindfulness eating

January 30, 2022: Erikson stages of development / Belief system - how is it developed

February 6, 2022: Parts of Self / Healing your inner child

February 13, 2022: Affect Regulation / Parasympathetic nervous system

February 20, 2022: Value of a vision board / Prepare to create your vision board

February 27, 2022: Importance of self-care / Positive affirmations

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